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Kyoto on New Year's Eve 2018/11/26 14:14
Good afternoon. I'm currently living in Kobe and would like to ring in 2019 in Kyoto. I love New Year's Eve in Japan and have done it in Tokyo a couple of times, but this will be my first time in Kansai.

What I'm hoping some knowledgeable soul can provide is a suggestion for a good temple/shrine combination for the midnight hour - a temple for the joyanokane, with a shrine close walking distance away for a more festive atmosphere afterwards. Kyoto is obviously chock-a-block with atmospheric and beautiful temples and shrines and places like Yasaka will surely be overrun with throngs of visitors. But I'd like to find a combo that's more locals than tourists, and popular without being a madhouse. Any recommendations would be sincerely appreciated.
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Re: Kyoto on New Year's Eve 2018/12/6 23:21
It would be better to ask Kobe locals for that.

I could search by Google with words 京都 除夜の鐘 穴場, which gave the followings.

The most famous would be Chion-in, which is broadcasted by NHK every year. Shorei-in and Chorakuji are near Chion-in. Others suggest Daikakuji, Honen-in, and Yoshiminedera.
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