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Tips for opening own company 2018/11/26 17:26

I want to make a subsidiary company from a foreign company here in Japan. So I want to have kabushiki gaisha status instead of just a branch office, since although it is a daughter of the foreign company, I will be the representative and have a share of 50% of this company. By the way, I am living in Japan for 10 years and have a permanent visa, so this is not an issue.

Now, I checked the internet and could find information how to register the company and then also open a bank account, but I have no idea about the tax system. This will be a small service provider company, so I have no idea how complicated (and how much work) it would be to learn about this and also handle it by myself. But since I think it is quite complicated and many Japanese companies are subcontracting the tax accounting to an external company, I would like to know where and how I can find a company who is offering to do this accounting work and how much they typically charge (surely this is hard to answer, as it probably depends on the amount of projects and therefore workload).

Anyone can give me some advise in this regard?
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Re: Tips for opening own company 2018/11/26 21:47
since you are living in Japan for a long time, I think you have some Japanese friends. ask them about ŗm(zeirishi), accountant.
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