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Can I get remarried in Japan 2018/11/27 12:02
I was married to a Japanese foreigner in the Philippines but our married failed as he was only interested in work and no family, so we got a divorce in Japan.I have now been dating a Canadian and we are looking at getting married in Japan because the divorce is not recognized in The Philippines! Would our married be consider legal in Canada so my fiance could sponsor me to come live with him? Could we just get married in Japan seeing how I have the divorce papers from Japan?
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Re: Can I get remarried in Japan 2018/11/28 09:55
In phillapines. Wouldnt you just take your translated divorce paperwork and get a judical recognition in you home country?
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Re: Can I get remarried in Japan 2018/12/2 02:29
The process is very costly and time consuming. Was hoping to avoid all that
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Re: Can I get remarried in Japan 2018/12/3 10:16
To get your Japanese divorce you should have needed to follow the rules (law) of the country you got married in. If you didn't, then it sounds like your divorce might be a bit flawed - recognised in Japan but not elsewhere. Seems sloppy that the courts would allow that, but I'm not an expert on the process for a Japanese national.

To re-marry, you would need to get something like an affidavit stating there is not impediment to marry, and that would be from your home country embassy (or similar) so at some stage you would need to get your Japan divorce recognised.
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Re: Can I get remarried in Japan 2018/12/3 12:02
For your gJapanese divorceh to have any validity at all, I assume you got married according to the Japanese law in Japan, and that was later registered with your home country? If that was the case, meaning the marriage was a Japanese one, then there is a chance that the only process you need is that it must be dissolved (divorce) according to the Japanese law.

If your marriage was done based on the Philippine law, and later reported to the Japanese authorities, then youfd need to dissolve the Philippine marriage. If that was the case, then the only circumstance under which the divorce could even be considered to be dissolved in Japan is if the two of you have been living in Japan all your married life, so that the gsubstance of the marriageh was deemed to have been based solely in Japan.

But still, your record in the Philippines will remain gmarried,h so c even if more time or cost was needed, wouldnft it feel better to get it recognized in your home country?? And whether a Japanese marriage without any documents of clearance from your home country will be considered valid in Canada would be a question for a lawyer.
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