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Fujikyu Railway Kawaguchiko? 2018/11/27 18:48
I want to go from Tokyo to Fujikyu and searched hyperdia which showed using Fujikyu railway, is it covered by JR pass?
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Re: Fujikyu Railway KAWAGUCHIKO? 2018/11/28 09:32
No, but the Tokyo Wide Pass covers the Fujikyu Railway.
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Re: Fujikyu Railway KAWAGUCHIKO? 2018/11/30 20:12
There are some JR services that use the line (the N'Ex service has some trains that run all the way to the end of the line), but a supplement is required. Basically, it is a non-JR company, so the national JR pass does not apply.

The exception for the local JR East pass in the above post is a little unusual, but those exceptions do occur around the country,
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