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Vegetarian food restaurant 2018/11/28 08:19
We are travelling to Japan tour for 6 days with travel group from china. We are fully vegetarian and worried about food over there. Any one can suggest a good vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara OR suggest any other good option vegetarian food available. Can we carry some home made with us?
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Re: Vegetarian food restaurant 2018/11/28 09:30
While waiting for other to reply ..

You can start checking out above website for list of vegetarian places in Japan.

Also do a search in the forum as there are tonnes of info about vegetarian places recommendation.

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Re: Vegetarian food restaurant 2018/11/28 10:06
1. check the happy cow website.
2. no you can't bring your own home-made food with you for a six-day trip.
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Re: Vegetarian food restaurant 2018/11/28 17:28
In Tokyo there is a Ramen veggie restaurant T's Tantan, it is pretty famous.
In Nara, I went to a famous restaurant called Kamameshi Shizuka, it is not a veggie restaurant but I saw that they had a vegetarian set meal on the menu.
In Kyoto I went to Mumokuteki Cafe, it is a very cozy vegan restaurant/cafe close to Nishiki market. I loved their food! I spotted indian tourists there, so I guess it is a popular spot for vegetarian tourists.
I had a wonderful experience with vegetarian food in Japan. I also stayed at a temple in Mt. Koya, and as monks don't eat meat or fish, their veggie meals were the best! I also had lunch at a restaurant nearby called Hanabishi, the veggie set meal was so delicious!

Good luck!
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Re: Vegetarian food restaurant 2018/11/28 18:43
Nara will be the hardest, Osaka slightly hard, Kyoto no problem, and Tokyo is practically as dense with options as LA.
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