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5 Days Hokkaido JR Pass 2018/11/28 20:59
Hi all, am planning my first trip to Hokkaido in Feb 2019 (24/3 - 03/03).

Below is the proposed itinerary. (Will not be doing any skiing activities)

D1 : CHITOSE - ASAHIKAWA (Day trip to Furano/Biei Stay: Asahikawa)

D2 : ASAHIKAWA / ABASHIRI (Will be taking first train to Abashiri if drift ice can be seen, otherwise we would just stay in Asahikawa and visit the zoo. Stay: Asahikawa)

D3 : NOBORIBETSU (Stay: Noboribetsu)

D4 : HAKODATE (Will drop by for 3 hours before taking night train to Hakodate.Stay Hakodate)

D5 : OTARU (Stay Sapporo)

D6 : SAPPORO (Stay Sapporo)

D7 : SAPPORO (Stay Sapporo)

I was also wondering if this is worth getting the 5- day Hokkaido (\22,000) JR pass since I will be doing long distance travel in the D1 to D5. I did a quick calculation with Hyperdia (even without adding in Asahikawa - Abashiri) the total cost for train rides are well over \22,000 on unreserved seats.

For example:

Chitose - Asahikawa = \5,040

Asahikawa - Furano/Biei = ~ \2000 Round Trip

Asahikawa - Noboribetsu = \8,960

Noboribetsu - Hakodate = \8,210

Hakodate - Sapporo = \8,310

Total = \32,520 (\47,420 if including round trip Asahikawa - Abashiri for drift ice)

I have considered bus options, but due to the lengthy journeys, limited time table and connections, I feel as if the time would be wasted on transfers (although cheaper) - and the bus websites are already giving me headaches! Do you guys have any comments on the itinerary and getting the Hokkaido Pass?

Thanks very much in advance.
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Re: 5 Days Hokkaido JR Pass 2018/12/3 01:13
hi, you may want to skip furano/biei, nothing much to see in feb. you may prefer to explore more in asahikawa, i liked asahikawa, but some people may find it boring (i didn't)

hakodate may be too far to reach and too short for you to just spend a night there, maybe do it as a separate trip next time.

you may want to check if your hotel in noboribetsu has cheaper transfers from sapporo, so you only have to do asahikawa - sapporo

this will help you to bring down the costs. and help you to rush less and enjoy the trip more.
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