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Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/29 06:26
I would like to know what are the requirements to opening up your own private school in Japan? Right now I am in the US working as a real estate agent and have found great success in my business, I have no interest in staying in this country for long. I am saving up money so I can a purchase piece of land in Japan & develop it into a school, I have no idea what are the proper steps to opening up a school in a foreign country. I know I have to have a bachelor's degree in any subject to get a work visa to legally stay in the country for more than 90 days, I am working on at the moment.
I would also like to teach my own curriculum not just English, would I be able to that? Any guidelines from a public board that I would have to follow?
If open up my own school will I be able to sponsor myself?
How much can I realistically charge for tuition?
Any cons/pros in opening up my own school?
Would any more additional years of schooling, certificates, licensing, or would a bachelor's be enough to start?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Re: Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/29 11:06
What kind of school are we talking ? English conversation school for adults or normal kind of primary / secondary school for kids?

I have no experience in this. But while I can imagine that opening your own English language school in Japan at least might be a possibility (with a lot of maybes and problems ) opening your own primary/secondary school I canft see how that could work.

What is your level of Japanese? Teaching experience?

Having a BA only allows you to get a visa if you get a job. You could look into an investor visa instead.

To me your entire question sounds like you are asking way too early and still have a lot of housework to do. Get a business plan, understand Japanese laws and regulations, study the market...

Normally I finish my post with genjoy doing xyzh. I am not sure if I feel so up spirit with your idea about opening a school. Seems to be quite naive what you are asking.
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Re: Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/29 11:13
What makes you think there's even a market for that? I can't imagine anyone who would want to send their children to the school run by a foreign real estate agent.
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Re: Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/29 11:32
There used to be someone else from Orlando posting quite naive questions on here. I wonder if they are both the same.
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Re: Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/29 15:39
It is always possible, but as mentioned you need to consider well.
There are a lot of English schools in Japan (some famous, some bad, international schools)
Also do you have the required background to give training and study for students.

I have seen many English schools go bank robbed or closed their doors because the big companies are have a strong position in the market.

My daughter is also going to a English school after her normal school, but this school is as I mentioned from a big company but still gives high level of English class (Foreign English Teachers) who are trained and have the right certifications.
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Re: Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/29 22:29
I used to live in Japan as an international teacher at a reasonably prestigious international school so I have a limited knowledge of the international setting but let's say that I know more than most (Japanese people and some others will understand the business side more than I do).

If you want to set up an international school or a day school for students 18 years of under, you will be looking at needing in the tens of millions of dollars to get something started for something which people will be willing to spend a reasonable amount of money. You will also need a very strong and highly knowledgeable partner who is Japanese to guide you through this which is more important than anyone can imagine. Do note that almost all international schools in Japan are facing decreasing enrollment. This is mainly due to reduced need for international families to live in Japan for businesses (Japanese people these days have the skills (including in English) to complete most jobs on the international stage and a decreasing population which means less local kids.

Others on this forum will know more about the english language school option. Do note that it's no longer the 1980's and there is no longer the need to open english language centres as there used to be. Research what happened to the Nova centres (I think that the name of the company) which was one of Japans largest english language companies which collapsed a few years ago due to the deteriorating english language market over the past few decades. Note that I am not trying to dampen your hopes and dreams, just trying to say what is happening on the ground.

I have heard of foreigners being successful in Japan in owning english language centres. But basically all worked in the industry for a significant amount of time to learn the business, processes and build up strong spoken and written Japanese (or have a bilingual husband/wife as a partner).
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Re: Opening up a school in Japan 2018/11/30 20:06
You want to start a business - "work" visa is not the right term and largely irrelevant - you have much higher hurdles to get over. Business manager/investor is the category (they keep adjusting the name, so it might be slightly different).
Starting a business is WAY more difficult than simply working for someone - the visa category is also much more difficult to obtain and keep.
You also need a "Japanese Representative" - someone living in Japan - before you can register a business (as well as a bank account which you can't get until you are resident, and you can get that without a local phone number, which you can't get without residency for which you need the business - and around in circles you go)
Don't forget, start with a lot of money - the process of getting resident status for a business owner is expensive, but you will have CASH to buy a property and a building for your school - I don't think any bank would consider lending you money - opening a bank account is hard enough.

Why not go to a country where it is easier?

I have set up my own company here in Japan, I also managed to work out how to be my own "representative" but that method is unlikely to be helpful in your case.
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