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portable ashtrays 2018/11/29 06:42
I am doing research about portable ashtrays and I would like to know for how long in Japan people have been using portable ashtrays and what are the main reasons for its usage? and if a portable a. is something people consider a nice accessory to have? thank you for your help :)
by Monali (guest)  

Re: portable ashtrays 2018/11/29 16:49
I've seen them around for at least 15 years, and it might go back even further. They're a necessity if you're a smoker in Japan because it's regarded as highly improper to toss cigarette butts onto the streets. But then again, smoking in non-designated areas where there aren't any ashtrays (outdoors included) is becoming a big no-no especially in the cities, so there might not be as much use for them anymore.
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Re: portable ashtrays 2018/12/4 22:59
Thank you very much!
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