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Sesame seed butter 2018/11/29 09:41
Hi, we are flying to Japan on Sunday and was wondering if I can bring Black Tahini to Japan. Tahini is made into butter from black sesame seeds.

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Re: Sesame seed butter 2018/11/30 03:23
Wouldn't count on it unless the package/container has an inspection sticker on it that customs recognizes.

"Before they can be brought to Japan, meat and egg products, vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, legumes, nuts and other plant products must undergo an inspection in the country of origin that satisfies Japanese standards, irrespective of intended use or quantity. These items must also be presented for quarantine inspection upon arrival in Japan with an inspection certificate or package stamp issued by originating countryfs government."
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Re: Sesame seed butter 2018/11/30 05:20
I would imagine this is available in Japan. If you cannot find it in the local supermarkets, then try Kaldi Coffee Farm, or Seijo Ishi, both stockists and importers of local and international foods.
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Re: Sesame seed butter 2018/11/30 08:32
Thank you for your responses. I was going to take three sealed jars of organic tahini with me as I eat it every morning. Ifll be traveling in Japan for 20 days and going to another country for another 2.5 weeks. I guess I just have to go without it for a while.
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