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Do i need an English degree? 2018/11/30 02:05
Do i need an English degree or a degree in education to teach English in Japan (can i still teach English if i have a bachelors degree in history or something like that); And if i don't need one would it help if i can teach other subjects alongside English?

(Note: if I'm a non native speaker with a tefl certification and fluent English)

Thanks in advance🙇
by Arpk  

Re: Do i need an English degree? 2018/12/1 12:27
What immigration authorities require for many of the work visa types is a bachelor's degree (or higher) in the sense of educational level. So it doesn't have to be one in the English language or education. (Where would you teach "other subjects," unless you are looking for employment at an interational school located in Japan?)

What potential employers might require: If you are a non-native speaker of English, you might have to be able to show that you are "equivalent" to native speakers, maybe in number of years you were educated "in" the English language.
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Re: Do i need an English degree? 2018/12/1 14:29
To the above, if you mean that for "many" visa types the field of the degree does not matter, it is false. Actually, the opposite is true: for the vast majority of work-related statuses, when a degree is required it must be in a field related to the job duties. Language instruction or translation/interpretation (under "International Service") is the only case where a degree in any field is acceptable (not required, by the way, 3 years' job experience works too).
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Re: Do i need an English degree? 2018/12/1 15:00
Whoops, my bad. You are right. I was thinking more about other work visa types where experience and other qualifications (such as artist and skilled labor - chef) and somehow overlooked that important point. Sorry about the confusion.
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Re: Do i need an English degree? 2018/12/1 15:11
Thanks i was kinda wondering if i could get into Japan as an English teacher and then apply for a history teacher's job in some international schools.
Can you guys tell me if that would work?
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