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How To Live İn Japan? 2018/12/1 23:38
I am from Turkey and i want to go to japan and live in there when i hit age 18. I know Japan doesn't want visa from Turkey. So I thought I can just go there with my passport and live. But one friend told : "If you wanna work in Japan, You must get a work visa first." So I want to live and work in japan. What must i do? Tell me everything you know, plz.
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Re: How To Live İn Japan? 2018/12/2 10:04
To become eligible for one of the many types of work visas available, you must first find employment. I think you should go to university when you hit 18, then find a job in Japan, then move.
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Re: How To Live İn Japan? 2018/12/2 14:05
Why you want to live in Japan?

If you want to live in Japan there are several options available, but I think you need to get a good degree first because if you dont have getting a job will be hard.
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Re: How To Live İn Japan? 2018/12/2 23:19
If you have over 1 million YEN( 46000 TL/today's rate),
you can live three months as sightseeing including round air fare and hotels.
Although you can not work in Japan.
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Re: How To Live İn Japan? 2018/12/3 16:19
OP donft be discouraged, I think itfs possible to do three months in a monthly mansion for much less less than a million. If you can cook and donft do much expensive travel around the country you could probably get away with half of that.
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Re: How To Live İn Japan? 2018/12/4 09:41
Many people live on Y100k to Y200k per month. Living cheaply you could, as Liz says, do three months for around Y500,000. But, not allowed to work.

It would give you an opportunity to see the difference between looking at Japan from a distance, and the realities of living here. For the budget, you will not be in the central city (say, in Tokyo), and be exposed more to the everyday life and Japanese society. That includes the general absence of English and learning to cope in a different language.

However, getting a valid status of residence will be one of your larger hurdles.
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