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Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/2 23:41
I have some questions regarding Hakone free pass... Does it include a roundtrip transportation from hakone to shinjuku?From what I read the romance car will require additional cost, but... is there any trip from/to shinjuku-hakone that is covered by the basic free pass?

I read from some place that it only covers Shinjuku-Hakone via Odakyu line, and not covering the return trip... but then I also read that it covers a return trip..

Thank you!
by tsukkihime  

Re: Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/3 12:08
Two versions. One from Shinjuku which includes return trip. And one fron Odawara, no return trip.

If you get the return trip version. You only pay extra for using the romance car trains. If you wanna not pay extra, just use normal limited express trains.
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Re: Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/3 12:34
ahh understand. Thank you for the clarification!!
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