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Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/2 23:41
I have some questions regarding Hakone free pass... Does it include a roundtrip transportation from hakone to shinjuku?From what I read the romance car will require additional cost, but... is there any trip from/to shinjuku-hakone that is covered by the basic free pass?

I read from some place that it only covers Shinjuku-Hakone via Odakyu line, and not covering the return trip... but then I also read that it covers a return trip..

Thank you!
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Re: Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/3 12:08
Two versions. One from Shinjuku which includes return trip. And one fron Odawara, no return trip.

If you get the return trip version. You only pay extra for using the romance car trains. If you wanna not pay extra, just use normal limited express trains.
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Re: Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/3 12:34
ahh understand. Thank you for the clarification!!
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Re: Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/29 00:08
Sorry to add from this thread.
Interested to get the hakone free pass and romance train. Is the $1090 romance train inclusive of return trip? How do I purchase from odakyu website in advance? Is there a package to bundle together?
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Re: Hakone Free Pass 2018/12/29 09:06
There are a few places along the line where you can buy the pass (most just do Odawara or Shinjuku, but the other stops are handy). The "Free Pass" purchased at Shinjuku covers the local trains and they are ok - not as nice as the express, but the 1,090 yen surcharge to save 20 minutes is quite a lot (1090 yen is the additional each way price).

To purchase - you need to actually buy the physical ticket - go to the Odakyu ticket counter in Shinjuku Station (that is easiest), and you can make the reserved seat booking for the Romance Car at the same time. You could do the return trip reservation at the same time. No, there is not a "bundle/package" - Romance Car is an add-on to the pass. The pass is the "bundle".
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