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Travelling from NRT to Asakusabashi 2018/12/3 05:44
Hi, I'm going to arrive at narita ariport terminal 1 the 21 of december at 12:45 and my hotel is located near the asakusabashi station.
I have see the keisei website for information about the travel and it says that the best route i can done is departing at 14:04 using the "Keisei-Narita Sky Access line(Access Express)[bound for Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal] " and then transfer in oshiage to "[Toei-Asakusa line(Limited Express) [bound for Misakiguchi]"
The problem is that I not sure about how to buy the tickets online, or if I buy the pasmo/suica card it will work for this trains.
Also if you have any other route that can be better i'll be glad to hear it.
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Re: Travelling from Nrt to Asakusabashi 2018/12/3 13:56
Yes, you can use a Pasmo or Suica.
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Re: Travelling from Nrt to Asakusabashi 2018/12/4 05:15
Both trains are usual Rapid, so there is no no online reservation bc no reserved seat car.
(train body color is not only one, four different rail companies cars are using)
"Limited Express" is attached to the train name, but no need a Limited Express ticket.
Ypu can take with only a "base fare" ticket,
but it is easiest to use prepaid IC card "Suica(by JR-EAST)" or "PASMO(by KEISEI in NRT)".
The traveling section of this Rapid train is not JR-EAST, but Suica can also be used.
There is no big difference in the card function.

And Asukusa stn(A-18) is easier to transfer than Oshiage stn(A-20).
The same train you searched will arrive at the same platform 2 mins later.
This stn map is Asakusabashi (A-16).
The elevator connecting the ticket gate floor to the ground is only on the A1 = front car side.
In this video, the announcement is repeated
as careful attention(=gochuui kudasai) to the feet(=ashi moto) as the gap
btw cars of train(=densha) and platform(= sounds like "home") is wide and floor height is a bit different.
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Re: Travelling from NRT to Asakusabashi 2018/12/4 12:37
Okay, i have a better idea about how it works now.
Thanks you very much
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