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Seeking Information about a Japanese Film 2018/12/5 03:33
Many years ago i saw a japanese movie, which i would like to see it again.

All what i remember, are some fragments from the plot/story/screenplay.

The movie is about a japanese man, married, who lost his job.
The man desperately tries to get new a job. Everyday in the morning
he leaves the house, as he is going to work, hiding from his housewife
the fact that he was unemployed. At one interview the man is asked by
the interviewer, a young dumb and arrogant japanese, to play karaoke
using a pencil as a microphone. In a parallel story a thief tries to
rob the house of the main subject. The housewife explains that they
have no wealth or any valuable items. The thief is very angry about his
bad luck and takes the housewife as hostage, starting a road trip in a
(small) convertible car. At one moment they arrive at a beach ...

The action is taking place in modern (capitalistic) Japan.

If someone could provide me useful information about this film,
film director, actors, movie title or anything else, please let me know.
Any hints are appreciated.
by roko2018  

Re: Seeking Information about a Japanese Film 2018/12/5 22:48
Meanwhile i got the right answer.
I was seeking for: Tokyo Sonata / 2008 / directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
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