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Should I be worried about my CoE? 2018/12/5 03:36

Late October: I got a job offer from a pretty big international company in Japan. The starting date is in April, because the HR told me the visa processing would take 3 months. If they start my process right now I'll get it by the end of January.

November: Still no news about visa process. Emailed HR, he said that they would start my visa process in mid-December to beginning of January BECAUSE my starting date is April. He told me not to worry and that the visa process would take only 1 month...

December: I decided to travel during the whole month of January. I explained my plans and asked if he could contact me before my trips (by the end of December). Got a message back that he would contact me regarding the visa starting MID-JANUARY.

My question is: Is this company playing around with me? He kept postponing my visa and I am worried that my visa won't get ready by April...
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Re: Should I be worried about my CoE? 2018/12/5 14:45
you can't get a working visa right now, because your work starts in April 2019. the visa is valid only for 3 months.
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Re: Should I be worried about my CoE? 2018/12/5 17:35
Hi thanks for replying. I mean the Coe, which is needed for me to apply for the visa
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