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Is this a stable job? 2018/12/5 13:25
Hello Mina San I am the Ist ever Pakistani to work as a care giver in lodging home in Japan never before a Pakistani worked in this kaisha my question is that is this job consider a stable job for foreigner in Japan in immigration side of view or is this a good job considered? Your time and reply will be appreciated
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Re: Is this a stable job? 2018/12/5 22:28
A lodging home like a share house. You take care of the home?

Or maybe roujin home like for old people? You take care of the elderly?

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Re: Is this a stable job? 2018/12/7 08:16
Hey man,
Regarding what is a stable job in Japan, they released this year a point based system. You can find it at the link below. Try to enter your information and see how many points you can score. That is what they use for the highly Skilled professional visa, so it can be a good indicator. Over 70points you get the HSP VISA

Check out this website too, they have interesting posts about living here

Hoped this help,

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Re: Is this a stable job? 2018/12/7 09:37
What do you mean by stable job ? Job that consider stable by immigration which will improve your PR application?

Job stability/security mainly depends on what type of employee you are?
If you are seishain, full time employee/regular employee, then most people will consider it a stable job.
Contract, dispatch, part time are often consider not stable, irregular.

As mentioned by other poster, maybe you misheard roujin homu @ old people home/nursing home, where you'll be taking care of old people.

As long as they pay your salary on time, you don't work long hours then it is a good job.

Looking at the aging Japanese population, nursing home 'industries' is expanding rapidly, and rest assure you won't be out of job anytime soon.

There are current shortage of caregiver and most are part-timer, paid low wages and work long hour.
Info on nursing home/old age care

Some interesting read on the issue, though are not directly related to you since you already have a resident status..
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