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Kintetsu Rail Pass (Confused) 2018/12/7 11:31

Appreciate if someone could help me with regards to the Kintetsu Rail Pass.

Not sure if I understand correctly from the Kintetsu website that all seats on the trains are reserved seats therefore I will need to also purchase the limited express tickets.

Does it means from Iseshi to Kuwana and Iseshi to Matsuaksa, there are no local trains? All are limited express trains?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Kintetsu Rail Pass (Confused) 2018/12/7 16:11
You only need to pay extra for rhe reserved seats
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Re: Kintetsu Rail Pass (Confused) 2018/12/7 18:38
There are other trains other than limited express

However, there are no unreserved seats on their Limited Express trains

Use this search for train times

& under " Limited Express" select " Not use "
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