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Train/bus from KIX to Koyasan in March 2019 2018/12/7 21:47
Is there a train or bus I can take from KIX airport to Koyasan? If yes, where would I find a time schedule?
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Re: Train/bus from KIX to Koyasan in March 2019 2018/12/8 13:24
There was a direct bus from KIX to Koyasan, but now it is not running and the operator (Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise) does not announce the re-opening of the operation. In any case, this bus was operated only once a day.

Most usual and convenient way is by Nankai trains, but you need to go to Osaka city first (Shin-imamiya or Tengachaya) and then transfer train to Gokurakubashi and then cable car to Koyasan. Now the cable car is not running due to the replacement of the cable car. The replacement should be finished by the end of February so you can take this route, but the new timetable is not released at present. I guess you must until January or February but you don't need to worry.

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