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2WD or 4WD for Yamanashi in winter 2018/12/9 18:08
Got a question regarding driving around Mt.Fuji in winter.

Me and the girlfriend are renting a car to travel around the Mt.Fuji area around New Year's. Specifically we would drive from Shizuoka to Kawaguchiko, possibly up to the 5th station, over to Hakone and then down to Izu.

Car rental wise I am looking at either a 2WD with snow tires or a 4WD drive with snow tires. The 4WD would be about 25,000Yen more. I do have experience driving in the snow, but in Japan I do not drive that often.

What would be your recommendations?
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Re: 2WD or 4WD for Yamanashi in winter 2018/12/10 13:04
You should be OK with 2wd - IF you have 'chains' in case you need them. With 4wd, you probably wouldn't need the chains.
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