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Work contract 2018/12/10 18:59
I started work in a old age nursing home care giver in a big company which have 16 branch in Nagoya I have one year spouse of permanent visa but my contract is no limited I mean in the contract there is written no fixed limited if I want I can continue forever they pay me 180000 per month 8 hours a day 900 per hour is this a stable job? Or what it's maen no limited for contract is this would be considered a good and stable job for my next extension and is this is a good salary?? Please I need your opinions
by Jerry (guest)  

Re: Work contract 2018/12/12 05:48

Yes - to me it sounds like a stable job (the company is large, the demand for caregivers will not decrease, you are not contractually limited for duration). You will not get rich on 18man/month, but I do not know the market. Nor do I know your qualifications and whether you can find a higher paying job based upon them. Also - what additional items is the company paying - health care, their half of pension payments, leave time, unemployment insurance, commute expenses, overtime pay, etc.)?

As with all jobs - you need to keep looking for your next opportunity - both within the company, and outside. If you enjoy your work and find that your pay & benefits is market-appropriate and that you can support yourself on it, be happy. Otherwise look for another job.
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Re: Work contract 2018/12/12 09:02
Jerry @ Alanwalker .. read what I post earlier, which I think is relevant

There is no need to keep reposting the same thing with different username and delete it or was it deleted by admin...
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