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Student visa to working visa 2018/12/11 15:11
I am studying in japan right now, and my student visa will expire soon. I want to apply in a factory company. How will i process a working visa if the company will not process for me?
by Jeremy dasalla (guest)  

Re: Student visa to working visa 2018/12/11 19:14
I am not sure if I understand your question, but just like you needed the assistance of your school to get the student visa, you will need the assistance from your potential employer to apply for and obtain the work visa/resident status. 7

If they don't want to do that, maybe that means they are simply not willing to take the trouble to sponsor anyone for a work visa, or that work does not fall under any work visa category eligible for a visa?
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Re: Student visa to working visa 2018/12/12 09:26
Hi Jeremy,
I was in the same case as you 4 years ago.
You basically need to ask for your company to support you in the VISA process. They will need to provide you with some documents that you will need to fill out and bring to the immigration office (near Tennozu Isle station) and apply there.
You can apply up to 3 months before your VISA expires, so don't wait too much. Also, be careful because once your VISA expired, there is no guarantee that they help you.

I hope that helps
Thierry from Easy Life Japan
Visit, I will post an article to help you with that issue
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