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Moving to Japan? 2018/12/12 18:00
Hello. I am a 19-year-old girl from Ireland wanting to move to Japan. I am not expecting to pack my bags right away and move - I know this will take a lot of planning.
I have heard about work and student visas. I would like to work in Japan.
What would be the best job to get? I have heard a lot of people talk about TEFL, but when I looked it up, it says I need to be over 21 and there's a lot of negative feedback with people saying it doesn't pay as good.
I should also mention that I am also fluent in Japanese.
I also heard that Japan is very safe. Is this true?

by Rachel (guest)  

Re: Moving to Japan? 2018/12/12 20:27
The best job to get is the one that fits your career aspirations and pays your rent. Most likely you will need a bachelors degree for immigration purposes. There are exceptions to this, but itfs not necessarily likely you will meet the requirements. Lots of people do teach English but not so many do it as a long term career. If youfre interested at all in my opinion itfs that the work sucks and so do most employers in the field.

I donft know what the visa arrangements are like between Japan and the Republic, but British passport holders can apply for a working holiday visa up to age 30, so perhaps that might be an option for spending a year in the country doing more or less whatever you want without meeting the requirements for other types of visa that allow you to undertake paid work. A student visa would be another option if you were open to the idea of studying Japanese some more. I do highly recommend spending some time in the country first though, even just a 90 day gholidayh would be enough to give you some idea of whether or not you want to live in Japan.
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Re: Moving to Japan? 2018/12/13 07:33
I agree with LIZ that a 90 day holiday would give you some idea of what to expect, although no holiday is ever like working when you are in a foreign country.
Otherwise you could enrol in a language school, they will help you get a student visa, and with that you can do part time work.
The Irish Rugby Team is taking part in the ruby world cup being held in Japan from September - November, 2019 and I believe they one of the top contenders to win this cup, maybe that might be a time to visit. I have heard there are a lot of Irish supporters traveling from around the world to follow their games.
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Re: Moving to Japan? 2018/12/13 08:12
Hi Rachel,
First of all, I am happy to see that you want to make the first step. 6 years ago, like you, I was a student and I decided to move to Japan. Today I am working here and I love my life!
Japanese society has both good and bad side (like everywhere) but it is overall a very safe and interesting environment for you to grow in.

Regarding the best job, what do you want to do? What are your hobbies? Maybe if we know that we can help you more.

If you want to meet people who like you are willing to move to Japan and are searching for information, you can join our Facebook group Easy Life Japan Community.
Also if you need some additional information, tips and tricks etc... visit
We will help you get started.

Thierry from Easy Life Japan
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Re: Moving to Japan? 2018/12/13 11:20
if you speak fluent japanese, please do yourself a favor and get a real job here instead of teaching english. you already checked the feedback: no good employers, pay is bad, no career advancement opportunities. It's almost like a blank space in your resume, and if it gets too big, you become unemployable for other fields, even in your own country.
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Re: Moving to Japan? 2018/12/13 12:06
The fact that you speak the language opens 100s of doors for you. Bi-lingual ability mean you dont need to take bottom feeder jobs.
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Re: Moving to Japan? 2018/12/14 09:43
What would be the best job to get? I

What skills do you have?
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