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good english speaking music schools? 2018/12/12 20:50
I'm currently studying in Tokyo and was interested (while I'm at it) on taking either piano or guitar lessons, if possible both (mayhaps, a maximum of 2 lessons per month for each), preferably with an english speaking teacher. I came upon a school with a secondary instrument plan in which it would be possible to learn both, however considering my tight schedule and that I'd rather have a foreign instructor since usually the native ones will demand very high standards and I just want to do it for fun (not saying I won't put in effort, it's just that at the moment I can't use all of my free time for it and need a reasonable quantity of pressure to be able to handle all of it, so I want it to be enjoyable and demanding but I fear that japanese music teachers could probably be a bit too demanding and not compatible with what I'm looking for) and let off some steam while doing a hobby I've been meaning to take for a long time after classes at school, are there any other schools in Tokyo with a similar plan of courses for instrument learning? I wouldn't mind taking classes with a japanese teacher either if they can let me go at my own pace instead of say, demand me impossible goals for each lesson. I've been checking out other schools as well, but if someone has any idea of a good school with good teachers, be it japanese or foreigner ones, I would be very grateful for the information provided!

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Re: good english speaking music schools? 2018/12/14 18:40
Did you try Googling "learning piano in tokyo in english"? Are you looking for something else?
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