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Wisteria purchase in Kyoto 2018/12/14 11:38
I'm currently in Kyoto searching a way to buy Wisteria () as a gift for a girl I like. Any recommendations for a shop I can find this flower?

I know it's Winter and it's not easy to find this flower, but I was searching for some advice as to where I could find this flower? Christmas is approaching soon!

Thanks for all your help!
by Joseph AKA Luigi  

Re: Wisteria purchase in Kyoto 2018/12/14 13:37
You may check the website below:

They are selling artificial flowers.
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Re: Wisteria purchase in Kyoto 2018/12/17 08:47
Wisteria is not usually sold as a cut flower (i.e. like daffodils or carnations etc,) as its flowers wilt quickly when cut and wouldn't last long in any bouquet.

Wisteria flowers in Spring, and you should be able to buy a plant, minus flowers, in a garden centre or DIY shop with gardening area attached. The plant though is not that attractive, fairly woody and twisted, and bare of leaf and flower until it starts to sprout as the days get warmer.
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Re: Wisteria purchase in Kyoto 2018/12/17 11:44
Dear LoveJapan guest,

Thank you so much for your insightful reply and advice. I appreciate the input. I had no idea it wasn't available as such, but I can now be rest assured I won't find it by searching the local shops, haha.
Thank you!
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