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Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/14 21:06
Hi sorry for my poor English but I sm philiphinjin Girl I was married to a Japanese national 15 years ago but 8 years ago my husband died in a car accident I am permanent resident in Japan 1 year ago I marry a Indian boy who was on tourist visa and latter change the status to spouse of permanent resident our marriage only one year have alot of problems between us I divorced him our marriage is broke now I want to marry american man but I want to ask that should I need annulment or divorce recognition when I marry that Indian I take no objections to marry certificate and single status from my embassy but after marriage I not register my marriage to my embassy I only register to immigration and city hall please I need information should I need annulment or should it's hard to re marry again??
by Susana (guest)  

Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/15 22:53
Not to be rude, but I think you should come with a warning label. I haven't a clue as to why you want to marry so soon after a botched marriage and after the death of a spouse. Do you need to be married to feel complete? How about living alone for a while.
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Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/16 04:03
Why is it that whenever I read a sentence prefaced with gnot to be rudeh, something incredibly rude always follows?

Not to be rude, but nobody cares about your opinion. Shut up.

@OP, you should probably consult with your embassy. Even if you can prove to the Japanese authorities that you are free to marry, if your home country isnft completely up to date with your situation then couldnft this lead to problems later on down the line?
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Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/16 10:23
I am very sorry you lost your husband. Grief of a loved one never really goes away, but you just learn to manage it.
You need to go to the Philippines Embassy or Consulate in Japan, and discuss with them how to proceed. As the Philippines doesn't recognise divorce, you may need to progress an annulment. Whatever you decide to do with regards remarrying, this all needs clearing up first before you proceed with any other marriage.
Sadly, I think you will recognise now, that some peoples intentions are not honest when they start a relationship. Your Indian ex seems to be one of those. Warning signals that you need to take notice of when getting into a permanent relationship with a person of another country is : What visa are they using to be in the country?
Why are they in a hurry to actually get married ? Can't they stay as just a couple with you and enjoy each others company? Are they being threatened with deportation? Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions of the person you are dating, and dig beneath the "lovey dovey"talk! You have no reason to hurry into a formal marriage situation. If someone really wants to be with you, they will find a way.
Even if their visa is expiring and they are having to leave, if they are genuine then you might be able to visit their home country and meet their family.
The issue with fraudulent marriages is not just a Japanese problem. Lots of other countries have stringent regulations with regards to immigrant marriages. Be wary, you have PR and that is attractive to a person wanting to be able to settle in Japan, who has no other avenue to follow to get in.

I hope you find happiness, but just take it slowly.
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Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/16 14:11
@ love Japan I really appreciate your reply and love your honestly speaking but if I want to Married again what should will I do is it easy or need alot of money and documents because annulment is difficult and also divorce recognized
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Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/16 16:59
@ Susana,
Any divorce or marriage annulment through a lawyer or attorney is going to be costly, so I really suggest you go to the Philippine Embassy in Roppongi. Address is 5-15-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku.
Their Consulate section is open between 3pm-6pm. Phone 03 5562 1607.
From what I read online they have the forms for the different reasons for divorce. They can help you and they shouldn't charge you, to give you the correct advice.

Another way could be to go to your Catholic church, and speak with the priest. He should be able to give you up to date information regarding remarrying.

Your ward office probably also has the contact details of the nearest Citizens Advice Centre, who give advice for free.
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Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/17 00:03
@LIZ you are rude yourself, telling Concerned (guest) to shut up for their opinion, people don't like to hear the truth, so it offends you. I agree with Concerned (guest) so actually someone does care what Concerned (guest) has to say. Marrying quickly isn't something recommended and there is warning flags.
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Re: Should I remarry an american boy 2018/12/18 00:26
It was intentionally rude. Read the sentence again if you didnft understand the point I was trying to make about saying gnot trying to be rudeh and then following up with a rude statement. Just making the point that itfs completely redundant to say something like that and then immediately tell a widow that she should come with a warning label. Just be honest; ghey, I know this is rude and in no way an answer to anything you asked, but your first husband died and your second marriage didnft work out, so Ifm deeming you to be not fit for a third marriage yeth would have been a far more appropriate and, I dare say intelligent reply.

Peace bro
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