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Taxi tour from Oita airport to Rokugo Manzan 2018/12/15 13:57
I will be flying into Oita in a couple weeks. I don't have a drivers license so I can't rent a car. But I wanted to visit especially Futagoji and Fukiji (other sites too if time permits). Has anyone taken one of these taxi tours that japan-guide mentions in their guide for the Rokugo Manzan?

I am just curious if I need to book some service ahead of time or can I just show up to the information desk at the airport and ask them.

Also, wanted to confirm the general price range for a 2-3 hour tour if anyone knows.
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Re: Taxi tour from Oita airport to Rokugo Manzan 2018/12/15 17:59
Taxi Tour is expensive. So you can take bus.Oita kotsu bus is highly recommended. You can take bus pass 3 day=7000 yen called SunQ northern Kyushu bus pass for unlimited travel for 3 Days.
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