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How to reconnect with a lost friend in Japan? 2018/12/16 03:11
My Grandad wants to reconnect with a dear from he knew 20ish years ago. They came to visit him in the UK then he went to visit them in Japan. All he has left of them are some addresses and names. This year he sent letters to 3 addresses and has got nothing back yet (we are hoping for a delayed reply). Most of this person's family has been estranged and we can't find anyone on Facebook. What should we do?
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Re: How to reconnect with a lost friend in Japan? 2018/12/16 07:05
Come to Japan.And visit those 3 address.or,contact with city hall.
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Re: How to reconnect with a lost friend in Japan? 2018/12/16 11:24
You should study Japanese.
I wrote everything here how to find it.



However, pls tell us only the three municipalities.
Specific address and their names are unnecessary,
but I want to know my grandfather and their age.
The purpose for which they met yr grandfather would also be a big hint.

The purpose of wanting to know only a part of the address is that there is a possibility
that address has changed since there was a large municipal merger around 10 years ago.
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Re: How to reconnect with a lost friend in Japan? 2018/12/16 16:09
Excuse me, the above poster suggested contacting city halls, asking for help with other non-Japanese forums about Japan, spreading information at restaurants in UK where Japanese might gather, asking Japanese visitors to the UK, and posting a lot of personal info and photos on Facebook, but I don't know if that would be really appropriate.
Asking for help with a TV program (the link on facebook) sounds like a desperate pitch too.

City halls do not provide personal information about its residents to someone who are not relative but just are looking for them (unless that friend visited as part of city-to-city exchange program).
Posting more detailed, personal information might be somewhat risky as well.

As far as I can see, you (OP) have done what you could do - if you wrote to all three addresses and no response came back but also the letters were not returned as "undeliverable (no recipient found/no such address)," there is a good chance that it was delivered to his family home but that he no longer is there (moved out or passed away). It might be that they have no way to write back to you/your grandfather.

The only thing I can think of is writing them a letter enclosing a return postcard, where you write phrases in Japanese asking if (1) the person you are looking for is still there, (2) if not do they have their new address, etc., meaning in simple multiple choices then just some space for a new address, and see if they respond.

When you say "estranged" if you mean that friend and his family are not on friendly terms, then your chance might be low.

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Re: How to reconnect with a lost friend in Japan? 2018/12/18 01:49
I agree with the other anonymous guest. Apart from that, have you Google Street Viewed the address? If you have language problems, just tell us the addresses EXCLUDING numbers.

For example, let's say an address is "1-2-3 Abc-cho, Def-ku, Tokyo". Just tell us "Abc-cho, Def-ku, Tokyo" part and someone will be able to tell you how to write it in Japanese. Then you could attach the address numbers to it and Google.

Google Street View provides you a virtual experience of visiting the home. It will be fun just doing that, and it may give you hints about how the resident of that home may be residing.

You can also hope for real-estate information such as ads of the home by searching the web without looking into a map.

You may not be able to contact the people themselves, but I do this a lot about people I've lost contact to, and it gives me comfort. Only a very small percentage of people are on facebook, especially when it comes to older people. But there are other ways to get information.
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