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KFC at Christmas 2018/12/17 01:18
I am going to be in Japan over Christmas for the first time ever and I want to experience the infamous Christmas meal of KFC!

I've already looked at the Christmas set meals and I am just wondering if they go on sale on the 24th December (Christmas Eve)? Or whether these meals are only available on 25th December?
And I know that some of the meals such as the whole chicken you have to pre order, but I won't be getting that. I've been looking at the set meal that is around 2400yen.

Many Thanks!
by Kari Haruka  

Re: KFC at Christmas 2018/12/17 07:33
Those deals are normally only for the 25th. But they could change the terms and conditions as they wish. Since you are in Japan, it would be better to go in to a store and ask than as online for an answer.
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Re: KFC at Christmas 2018/12/17 08:22
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Re: KFC at Christmas 2018/12/18 13:02
If the meal is considered "infamous" I would not be eating it!
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