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Kamenrider movie on 22 Dec 2018/12/18 12:35
Hi all,

My Son is a Kamenrider fan, and he really excited planning to see the movie in Japan.
From the IG, we noticed that the movie Kamenrider Heisey Forever will start to play on 22 December 2018, and we just arrived Tokyo on 30 December 2018 and planning to see it at Toho Movie theatre at Shinjuku. My question is, Is the movie still playing on that date ? just to avoid my son dissapointment ,
but I havent check it yet, is the movie also playing at Kyoto ? cause we will be in Kyoto on 28 December 2018, where should I find the movie theater (any transportation information will be very helpfull )
Thank you ..
by Santychoc  

Re: Kamenrider movie on 22 Dec 2018/12/18 20:15
The movie will be screened until new year days.

This is the official website of the movie and the list of theaters.
You can choose "Vhog9 = Shinjuku WALD=BARUTO Nine)" only in Shinjuku (ward) = Vh,
and in Kyoto (city) = ss, 4 theaters.

The movie is no English subtitles and voices, is it OK?
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Re: Kamenrider movie on 22 Dec 2018/12/21 15:05
Thank you @ZebraNurse,
Ya we will try to watch it without English subtitle ..
My son has learned little of Japanese language.
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