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Few questions about going to school in Japan 2018/12/19 14:49
My goal is to go to a language school, university after that, and to teach English there at a high school level. After some time of doing that, I want to work the the US embassy or as a translator for a Japanese company. My questions are:

I'm 31 and I'm curious if I will be treated strange at the schools because of me age?

I'm also would like some advice on scholarships if anyone has any, I know Monbukagakusho is the most popular, but from what I read you can't be over 25.

Also I know you can only get a two year student visa for language school, but I was wondering if I switch to a university close to the end of that if I will be able to renew it?

One last thing, I will be using the website GO GO Nihon to help with my paper work, I was wondering anyone knows if they are safe to use and are worth it?
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Re: Few questions about going to school in Japan 2018/12/19 22:38
31 will be older than average in most language schools and obviously university as well, but who cares? You won't be treated "strange" whatever that's supposed to mean.

As long as you're studying at a school/university, you can renew your visa as often as needed, as long as your attendance rate is high enough.

Haven't used that site myself, but I've heard good things about it.
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Re: Few questions about going to school in Japan 2018/12/20 08:13
I was an golderh student myself at language school in Japan. And at 42 not the oldest of the class. Most were around 20. But we still came along perfectly fine. Itfs more about your (and your classmates) mindset than anything else.

I donft know for sure, but there must be a solution to that visa problem, because a lot of students do exactly that. First study for 2 years Japanese and then continue with their education at an university. So visa wise it must be possible.

Enjoy studying Japanese!

I donft know about Gogo Japan. You can find a school for yourself though and they can arrange the visa.

My recommendation if you can afford it is to go to Japan first for maybe 2-3 weeks and visit several schools and ask for a trial lesson. Webpages only show the positive sides. Reality can be different. I remember I went to one school in Tokyo (somewhere close to Shinjuku) for a trial lesson and it was among my worst 2 h of life. Students talking loudly during class, annoying everyone else.
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Re: Few questions about going to school in Japan 2018/12/20 08:13

Hi there,
Being 31 is not a problem at all. When in university, I had people studying with me around that age and no one found thst strange.

For scolarship, the MEXT is relatively hard to get but you can also check the JASSO (around 6man/month).
For the VISA, adk your school but it should not be a problem. When you switch from a school to another, make sure you share with them your situation and the fact that you will need a new VISA soon. They should help you in the paperwork.

I have never used this service either, but they seem trustworthy.

I hope that this helped.
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Re: Few questions about going to school in Japan 2018/12/20 10:17
You will not be treated "strange." The student resident status can be renewed for longer term study at university/college.

Note that you will need significant savings if you want to do language school (maybe two years) and university (four years). What do you want to study in university?

Also, the career path from teaching at a high school (so that means ALT?) to work at US embassy (in what capacity?) or a translator at a Japanese company is (not saying impossible but) does not sound realistic to me.

I mean, teaching English restricts your exposure to the Japanese language. Going from there to a translator (what industry experience do you have so far?) might not be easy.
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