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Lake Kussharo & Mashu February visit 2018/12/19 22:54
I have some queries for Lake Kussharo and Mashu for my February visit
1. I read that Sunoyu beach in Kussharo-ko would have swans and partially frozen. Do the swans easily found in mid February?
2. It is said the best time to visit Lake Mashu is from end of January to February as it tends to fog less. Is this true? I thought February would be the coldest month? And by means of less fog, does that mean it'd fog daily still but within lesser fog time? My visit time would be around mid February
3. Bus schedule of Lake Kussharo and Mashu for 2019. I found this schedules on Teshikaga tourism but it seems only up to 2018 and not clear for which months.
Also the Kussharo loop bus from Prince Hotel back to JR Kawayu Onsen station last bus departs at 2.25pm? It's too early I believe

4. Where could I rent snowshoes from either KawayuOnsen or Mashu JR station? I heard that it's heavy and it'd be our first time wearing it. Is it better we don't use the snowshoe if we are fit walker?
5. How long would it take approximately walking in February snow from Lake Mashu's observation deck 1 to deck 3?
6. What is the best way to reach Lake Mashu's Observation deck from Kawayu Onsen Station? I think bus only stops at deck no. 1. Is it better to take train from Kawayu Onsen Station to Mashu Station then take the Mashu Bus to observatory deck no. 1?

Thank You
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Re: Lake Kussharo & Mashu February visit 2018/12/21 02:51
1) Yes, lots of whooper swans in this area which can be rare elsewhere.
2) Yes, less fog as like this; it is considered bad luck though to see the lake without fog: http://monochrome.me.uk/blog/hokkaido-lake-mashu/
3-6) No idea, I would recommend a rental car, they're not that expensive. As for snow shoes, they looked like fun and lots of people were getting around on those in the woods.
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Re: Lake Kussharo & Mashu February visit 2018/12/24 15:25
Hi Jim,

Unfortunately, my IDP doest not qualify to drive in Japan
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