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Spouse to student visa? 2018/12/19 23:49
Hey all here please I need your opinions and specially I wish for the reply of hakata14 and AK and another experts my brother are permanent in Japan I came on visit and got married to a Japanese national after two year we got divorce I report our divorce to immigration immigration give me 6 months for changing the status or I should leave Japan please my question is that is it easy to change from spouse to student or some another way this problem please which status is now easy to gain please I am waiting for ur reply I am Indian and 26 year old boy have two year good record but unfortunately our marriage not successful
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Re: Spouse to student visa? 2018/12/20 10:11
What do you want to do in Japan? "Resident status" is something you apply for according to the activities you plan to do in Japan (and of course you need to be qualified for that).

As far as I know, if you really want to study at a school and get accepted, yes you can change to "student" resident status. You will need to go through the process of finding a school/college you want to attend, apply, get accepted by the school, pay in tuition, and have the school help you with the change. Note that on "student" status, you can engage in part-time work in Japan if you maintain good attendance and grades at school.

I don't know if you qualify for any of the "work" (employer sponsored) resident status.
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