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Mobal Japan Sim Experiences? 2018/12/20 01:39
I searched and only found really old threads about this company, Mobal Japan.

I'm looking at the 30 Day Unlimited with voice and data and was wondering if anyone has used any of their sim cards recently? What was the experience like?
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Re: Mobal Japan Sim Experiences? 2019/2/18 15:24
I've been using a SIM of theirs for the past few months. They are the rare (only?) one that gives you a Japanese mobile phone number.
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Re: Mobal Japan Sim Experiences? 2019/3/7 13:28
I've been in Japan nearly a week now using a Mobal Japan 30 day Unlimited sim and I thought I would update this thread.

Things started off rocky last week before I departed for Japan. Mobal Japan is supposed to create an account for you when you buy the sim card and send you an email with the account details. They failed to do so for me, but a quick email to their support team and my account was created right away.

In Japan, I have no complaints. The furthest I've been from Tokyo so far is Nikko and I always had a signal.
This particular package comes with unlimited data and a working Japanese phone number which I've been able to use a few times.

I highly recommend this solution if you want both data and phone number but they do have options for just data if that's all you need.
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Re: Mobal Japan Sim Experiences? 2019/3/9 04:37

I'm glad you got your issue straightened out in Japan. I'm also researching data SIM in preparation for my trip to Japan. Although I'm glad you have no complaints, I'm looking for something more simple. My ideal data SIM would be just to plug it into my smartphone and it's ON. Or if I have to adjust/tick off a few settings on my phone, I'm OK with that and probably that's as far as I want to go. Not sure what I'm looking is out there though. I can't imagine not.

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Re: Mobal Japan Sim Experiences? 2019/5/16 23:29
awesome I will book mark this supplier. Im guessing it will work anywhere in japan from main island to hokkaido yes?
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