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Umeda Sky Building love locks 2018/12/20 14:01

I was hoping someone may be able to assist/offer advice. You may be familiar with the love locks that can be bought at the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka. The locks are cut off and stored offsite after the fence gills up. On my last visit I was told it was possible to request to have the lock returned however, i was only in Osaka for a short time and the process would take a few weeks.

I have tried to call the Umeda store but have not had much success (my Japanese is basic at best).

Could someone:
1. Confirm whether the locks can be returned in the first instance
2. Offer another suggestion of contact (I have also emailed them a few times)

Any responses/suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance!
by Ichiban1992 (guest)  

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