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Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2018/12/21 13:03
we plan to visit Otaru's Snow Light Path Festival which held at Unga Kaijo and Temiyasen Kaijo area. Could anyone tell us precisely how to get to the Temiyasen Kaijo area that is going to be lighted up from Otaru Station? We plan (if the weather is not too cold) to walk via Chuo Dori towards the Unga Kaijo area in the canal.

I also read there's the Stroller Bus that connects all Otaru sightseeing point but does it effective for the snow light area or we'd better walk? Would the Stroller Bus still operate every 30minutes during winter evening? We might want to take the bus going back to Otaru Station
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/6 22:49
Unga Kaijo and Temiyasen Kaijo are shown in this figure as well as JR Otaru as green square in the lower left corner. Note it is still for 2018.

Cyan timetable is for JR, Unga, and Temiya.
JR 1800
Temiya 1801
Unga 1802
Unga 2010
Temiya 2013
JR 2017

Chuo Dori goes down to Unga at the seaside. Climbing back to JR station would take more time. Or, even going down along slippy slopes by bus could be a wise choice.
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/8 01:38
Hi Luisjp

Thanks so much for the info. really appreciate it. I have further queries:
1. The map depicts Temiyasen Kaijo area is great. i could not find it anywhere. just find it a bit difficult still with the kanji but I just assume I could access Temiyasen Kaijo from Chuo Dori, just 2 blocks south from Unga Kaijo. Is this correct?

2. Also with the bus schedule, i found this one from Chuo Bus website in English. it's said for winter 2018
But all the schedules especially the Stroller 100 Bus ends only at 6pm-ish. I could not see the 9pm schedule you got. i assume the stroller bus schedule is the light blue box at the bottom
I could not match the kanji for the route though. is it an additional schedule for up to Otaru Light Path Festival?

3. Also, I'd like to visit the Music Box Main Building. Is the closest Stroller Bus stop the Merchen Crossroads メルヘン交差点?

Best Regards,
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/8 05:46
I went to the Otaru event last year and I recommend just walking. There’s so many great shops and snow/ice decorations along the way, you won’t even notice the distance. (It’s not that far, in any case.)
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/8 11:51
Hi Gregalor,

We're not used to walk in snow and minus condition hence the plan with the bus

On the other hand, i've found Temiyasen Kaijo area. It's roughly in the middle of chuo dori between otaru station and the canal. The old track crossing Chuo Dori is still there. I think the nearest bus stop would be the Canal Plaza?
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/16 22:21
Waiting for a bus in cold is quite tough. Walking in cold makes you warmer. I would not care for a bus, but if the timing is good enough, I may take the bus.

Music Box Main Building (Orugoru Dou Honkan in Japanese) faces Merchen Crossroads (メルヘン交差点).

Music Box Main Building is at the upper right in this image. All yellow roads are lit up including Sakaimachi Street from Merchen Crossroads.
Temiyasen Kaijo (手宮線会場) is a long red line at the left. It lies roughly between JR Otaru (JR小樽駅) and Unga Kaijo (運河会場). Otaru Geijutsu Mura Kaijo (小樽芸術村会場) is between Temiyasen and Unga. A special bus line: Otaru Snow Light Path Unga Line (小樽雪あかりの路運河線) is shown as a square at the left half in this map.

The timetable for this bus line is shown by the same light blue color as you have guessed. You need to ride a bus if you want to visit Tenguyama Kaijo (天狗山会場) and/or Asarigawa Onsen Kaijo (朝里川温泉会場). I may take a bus to Merchen Crossroads at first, then walk back along Sakaimachi Street. I would enjoy the JR Otaru and Unga area for the rest of the time. The last direct bus from Otaru Unga (小樽運河) departs at 20:30 and from JR Otaru at 21:55.
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/17 02:02
Hi Luisjp

thanks so much. on second thought i think u guys are right about waiting for the bus in the cold. during those waiting times, we might be able to get closer to our destination. but the bus timetable would come in handy in case needed. I also plan to stop at Minami Otaru and reach Sakaimachi from there

good to know there's the extra schedule for the Snow Light Path up to 8pm back to JR station. How much is the fare for these extra schedule bus? I could only see JPY 610 one for the bus from Sapporo
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/17 22:45
JR Minami Otaru is not so bad, but JR Otaru Chikkou is another sightseeing area as shown in the map of Music Box.

Otaru Snow Light Path is held at a set of multiple sites. Marina District is one of the major supplemental sites.

Main sites:
Asarigawa Onsen

Sub-main sites:
Otaru Gakujutsumura

40 supplemental sites:
Yanagawa Shopping Street (梁川商店街)
Marina District (マリーナ地区)

There is a frequent bus running between Marina and Merchen Crossroads. You could wait for a bus in a warm giant shopping complex in Marina.

This bus is covered by a day pass costing 750 yen. The day pass also covers Snow Light Pass Unga line. The Unga line costs 220 yen for a ride.

I can read the following prices.
1940 yen Otaru Free Kippu (JR roundtrip + Chuo Bus Otaru day pass, available at JR stations)
1400 yen Tenguyama Set Ken (Chuo Bus + Tenguyama Ropeway, roundtrip saving 490 yen)
750 yen Otaru Day Pass (Chuo Bus)
610 yen Highway Bus (Sapporo - Otaru, oneway)
330 yen Asarigawa Onsen line (Chuo Bus, one ride)
220 yen Unga line (Chuo Bus, one ride)
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Re: Otaru's Temiyasen Kaijo area 2019/1/18 03:15
thanks heaps Luisjp, the Marina district looks lovely indeed. would try to add it onto my itinerary
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