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Where to buy Naturactor makeup? 2005/5/17 06:25
Hi I am looking for a store in orange county, California or an online store that sells Naturactor makeup or any makeup that is made in Japan. Can you please help me.. thank u in advance.
by Lila  

Try DHC 2005/8/9 20:04
Have you tried DHC? It's an olive oil based skin care company from Japan, and now has distribution center in California. They originally sold in the US as a skincare line, but also has natural makeup. Very high quality, imo. They will send you skincare samples. I don't sell it, I just use it. They have a website:

by Marcella rate this post as useful

Naturactor Cosmetics 2005/12/8 13:19
You can get it from Ladyrose Naturactor cosmetics in Singapore
by Shirley rate this post as useful

where's ladyrose naturactor in s'pore? 2006/5/27 10:15
hi shirley! where is that ladyrose naturactor cosmetics shop in s'pore?
by grace rate this post as useful

Naturactor 2006/8/30 17:30
This is brand of Meiko Cosmetics
Please check HP as below
by Mickey rate this post as useful

Naturactor In Singapore 2007/1/30 20:42
Naturactor foundation can be found in Chinatown In Singapore. However, I have not been able to get the exact address as yet. If there's anyone out there who knows where about i can find them. Do tell.. Thanks
by CJ rate this post as useful

Naturactor S'pore Address 2007/2/7 21:07
The address of the distributor of Naturactor cosmetic products in Singapore is Blk. 4 Sago Lane #01-125 Singapore 050004. This is just a small shop in Singapore's Chinatown. We actually went and located the shop while holidaying in S'pore in Dec'05 just from a lipstick box that had some sort of address written on it. Good Luck and I hope you find the shop!

Good Luck
by Abi rate this post as useful

Naturactor Cosmetics 2007/2/8 13:28
You can get it from Hai Tong Co Pte Ltd., Blk.4 Sago Lane #01-125, Singapore 050004.
Do not buy from others party because there are imitation from China.
by Shirley rate this post as useful

Is it still in Chinatown DHC shop? 2007/5/1 17:49
hi, there! I'm going to Singapore soon, i wonder will the shop (Naturactor Cosmetic; HaiTong #01-125,Sago Lane) be still located there?
anyone know please help me.
Is the price cheap?
by Yu rate this post as useful

Meiko Naturactor 2007/5/16 17:22
Hey! can anyone tell me where can i buy the Meiko Naturactor products in Malaysia?

by Judy rate this post as useful

naturactor foundation 2007/6/1 23:53
i know where can get the naturactor foundation.u can find it at KL,Jalan Ipoh,Mutiara complex.
by jes rate this post as useful

Meiko Hi Care Cream Soap 2007/6/8 13:52
Hey! can anyone tell me where can i buy the Meiko hi care cream soap products in Malaysia?
by Naomie rate this post as useful

Hi Care cream soap 2007/8/26 12:28
You could get above from cosmetic shop in Singapore Chinatown area.
by Shirley rate this post as useful

Naturactor cosmetics 2007/8/26 12:38
You could get the originalin Singapore from Hai Tong Co Pte Ltd. Many Malaysian, Indonesian, etc came down to buy.Look out for above Company sticker.Do not buy any without their sticker.Beware of immitation from Taiwan and China whom had exact copy including batch numbers which are about more than a year ago.
by Shirley rate this post as useful

Imitation Naturactor 2010/4/7 10:30
Naturactor products posted on the web including photos are all imitations from China and Taiwan. Naturactor have NO Stick type foundation and totally NO colors in dark brown shade for dark skin. Many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Philippine are getting or selling imitation products made in China or Taiwan which are well known for counterfeit.Furthermore, these imitation products are also selling at the same price as geniune ones.
Try to get it from Singapore which are law enforced country and you will be safe to use on your precious and delicate face.
by sitaca rate this post as useful

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