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Shari Bus schedule 2018/12/24 14:37
I find this Shari Bus timetable which I believe it covers schedule until April 2019

My queries are:
1. What does it mean by JR from Abashiri & JR from Kushiro? My prediction is it's the arrival time at Shiretoko-Shari Station from both JR stations. I wonder if this is correct? I would arrive from Kamikawa station. The earliest schedule I check on Hyperdia is at 9.17am that would arrive at Shari Station 13.40pm which means I'd have to wait at Shari Station around 3 hours for the 4pm bus. The rest of the schedules would be too late for catching the bus to Utoro. Unless I'd like to stay overnight in Abashiri and arrives at Shari Station 7.22 am

2. From Shiretoko, I'd like to visit Akan Manshu area. I check on Akan bus and their service is only from Rausu not Utoro. Is there any other private bus that serves Utoro - Akan Manshu area aside Akan Bus? I might want to leave earlier than the train schedule.

Also just want to verify, the earliest direct train from Shiretoko Shari to Kawayu Onsen station is at 11.11am? So I just take the 2nd earliest bus at 10am from Utoro?

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Re: Shari Bus schedule 2019/1/6 22:30
For Shiretoko, there is Airport Liner from Memembetsu Airport. No timetable for the next April is available yet.
Spring timetable for the Aiport Liner will appear here.

JR usually updates their timetables late March, at the end of Japanese fiscal year.

The Shiretoko local bus timetable will be updated late April when Shiretoko Pass would be open to the public.

As Jorudan suggests, you would be Shiretoko-Shari at 15:56 at the earliest.
RYUHYO MONOGATARI is a seasonal train.

The first train from Shiretoko-Shari leaves at 7:26 and at 8:19, it gets to Kawayu Onsen.
But the first connection is Utoro 10:00-11:11 Shiretoko-Shari, as the Shari Bus timetable indicates.

You can search bus schedules here.

There are two bus lines from Utoro to Kawayu. Both of them are seasonal.
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