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Japanese national exams 2018/12/24 16:15
Ifm currently a first year of MBBS studying abroad and Ifve always wanted to study and work in Japan but because of my financial situation I canft pay the tuition fees in Japanese univeristies. But I really want to be able to work in Japan after completing my studies. Ifve done some research and I found out that I have to study the language for around two years because the exam is in Japanese(If Ifm not mistaken). I want to know if someone like me (who doesnft not Japanese) can learn the language for two years and pass the national exam?
If anyone could, please help enlighten me on this, Ifd be really thankful
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Re: Japanese national exams 2018/12/25 21:51
If you mean you want to work as a doctor in Japan you will need 10 or more years to study only Japanese language as even for nursing in Japan it's need to study 5 years Japanese language it's very difficult to work in Japan in medical field
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Re: Japanese national exams 2018/12/26 08:59
I work for a Japanese pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in Japan for 5 years.
We do design and installation of clean rooms and environment control systems for pharmaceutical companies in Japan. My Japanese is close to native and I can assure you that if you want to be a doctor or anything related to medicine you need to have a good understanding of Japanese speaking and writing
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Re: Japanese national exams 2019/1/3 00:06
Thank you very much for your answers! 😉☺
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