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Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 00:28
Anyone pls recommend my travel plan
I will fly to fukuoka during 10 jan -16 jan 2019
We all 4 adults which include my 68 years old father in Law and my son 2 years old
Need to have a plan that ok for old age and young kid (not too much walking distance)
We want variety on this trip
City /temple / beautiful scenery / good onsen
View on train / view on driving
And see winter illumination (but we been to huis ten bosch already so dont want to go)
This is the second time we come kyushu and we want to go different city from last time (last time : yufuin / nagasaki / fukuoka / huis ten bosch)

My plan are as follow pls suggest
Will use fukuoka as base 2 nights
( pls suggest area to stay , should it be Hakata? )
Buy 5 days pass north kyushu
Day 1 arrive fukuoka \> go mojiko (night at fukuoka)
Day 2 still not sure where to go but interested on Visiting Saga , yutoku inari shrine
Apart from that still not sure where should be worth visiting
Anyone suggest ? Or can be other city
Day 3 train to Kumamoto and rent a car drive to aso area , spend a night in uchinomaki onsen
Day 4 kurokawa onsen spend a night there
Day 5 return a car in kumamoto , train back to hakata , travel around fukuoka area
, canal city to see illumination
Day 6 fukuoka area

Day 5 and day 6 in fukuoka , want little bit shopping and a liitle more sightseeing need recommendation

Last 2 night in fukuoka, not sure which area is good to stay

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

by Tingy (guest)  

Re: Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 07:07
As far as beautiful scenery goes, there are better times of year to go. But, you can still see some good places.
Visiting the Yutoku Inari Shrine in Saga is an excellent idea though. It is one of the best places in Kyushu, yet nearly unknown to many.
If you are driving, there are other good places to see. One other little-known gem is the Arita Porcelain Park, which is like suddenly walking into Germany.
Plus there is Yoshinogari, which is an ancient archeological site of the Yayoi period (c. 300 BCE-300 CE).
It seems like you like hot springs a lot; if so Saga has some as well like Takeo Onsen, frequented mostly by the locals.
If you are going to Kitakyushu at night, then one very nice place if the weather is good is Sarakurayama, with a spectacular night view over the city.

Please be aware however that with the JR Northern Kyushu Pass you cannot use the bullet train between Hakata and Kokura.
For Aso, if you're driving and near the Uchinomaki onsen, it is not far to drive up to the Daikanbo Lookout, Nabegadaki Falls, and Kikuchi Gorge.
And regarding Fukuoka itself, one of the finest places is the Nanzoin Temple, just 20 minutes by train from Hakata Station. Within the city, there is also the Tochoji Temple, with Japan's largest wooden carved Great Buddha, plus some nice old gardens and villas like Rakusuien, Yusentei, and some scenery on Shikanoshima.
The castle ruins are not bad either, and the Fukuoka Tower gives a great view.

Plus if you want something for the 2 year old, there is an Anpan Museum there too.
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Re: Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 10:59
Thank you Ken for lots of useful information
I will definitely come to japan again on nicer weather , plan to go kamicoji
Since i cant change plan this time , i already buy ticket, haha still afraid of cold weather for my son , but winter time also nice to come to onsen and see winter atmosphere
For uchinomaki onsen , it is a nice place to go , right? Cant find much info on internet , not sure wheather it is mostly local japanese go (which i like) or wheather it is not that interesting

About Saga the poceline garden look so nice , catch my interest too , is it hard to go if not driving , but just one day is it too short time?
May be 2 places to visit right?

About Fukuoka , can you pls recommend good yatai place that local go not too many tourist , is there any?

Thank you very much
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Re: Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 12:49
For your travel pace, that is really all up to you. Not to mention a destination's location, and how interesting you find it. I would not give any fixed number of places to see in a day. If I have the time, energy and interest, I could see 5 or 6 a day. It's up to you, and how much souvenir shopping you want to add in, etc.
For the Porcelain Park, you can leisurely see it in 45 minutes. I didn't drive there myself; I got a taxi from Arita Station. For the return, my phone was not with me, the only pay phone I saw was disconnected, but one of the shop owners called a taxi for me. Use a site like www.hyperdia.com to see rail fares and schedules.
As for Uchinomaki Onsen, I have not been there, but I know of it, and it is highly rated on websites like Trip Advisor.
For the Fukuoka yatai, the 2 main places are in Nakasu next to the river and near Canal City. The other has more locals going there in Nagahama. For a good view of the city lights, I suggest you try the Nakasu area from the evening.
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Re: Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 13:12
Any reason Beppu or Kagoshima cannot get any love?
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Re: Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 13:27
Beppu is interesting but prefer kurokawa , so skip Beppu

For Kagoshima is interesting but too far away , so we choose to go many nearer places

Thank you
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Re: Kyushu January 2019 Plan 2018/12/26 13:29
Thank you Ken for your suggestion
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