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Traditional Japanese sports in Kanagawa 2018/12/27 05:14
Hello everyone,

I live and work in Kanagawa prefecture and I would like to start practicing some Japanese traditional sports/martial art. I am searching for dojo near Kawasaki or Yokohama, preferably with English speaking instructor since my Japanese is so-so. But if they are foreign-friendly only is still ok.
This is a list of sports I would like to practice in preference order:
- kenjutsu
- kendo
- Iaijutsu
- Ninjutsu
- Kyūdō

Since I work, I would like to have classes from 20.00 during week days or anytime during weekends.
Thanks to anyone who can help me!
by Kile92  

Re: Traditional Japanese sports in Kanagawa 2018/12/28 08:39
Find from this list, but whether they can speak English or not is not written.

It will be difficult to find in late on weekdays.
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Re: Traditional Japanese sports in Kanagawa 2018/12/29 22:30
A lot of foreign-friendly martial arts classes came up when I Googled "martial arts yokohama" and "martial arts kawasaki", in English as is.
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