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Enoshima 1 day pass or enoshima/Kamakura pass 2018/12/28 06:29
Apologies if this has already been asked I have tried searching..
Im trying to work out the best option and cost effective of the 2 passes or a different option perhaps.
I like everything the enoshima 1 day pass offers but also want to go to hase to see big budha then travel on to Kamakura and see everything there.
Will be travelling from Shinjuku and back.
Any responses greatly appreciated thanks!
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Re: Enoshima 1 day pass or enoshima/Kamakura pass 2018/12/28 07:28
There are at least 4 kinds of train passes that I know of that will get you around Kamakura and Enoshima.

The best deal from Shinjuku I believe is called "Enoshima-Kamakura Free Pass", issued by Odakyu company.
It includes 1 RT ticket from departing station (e.g., Shinjuku) to Fujisawa, and 1 all-day pass on Enoden trains that runs between Fujisawa-Enoshima-Kamakura. From Shinjuku, the cost is 1470 yen for adult. Once you arrive at Fujisawa, hop onto the Enoden train and you can visit all points of interests (Hase, Great Buddha, Enoshima, Kamakura, etc.). The Enoden portion is a true all day pass (get on and off as many times as you wish in a day), while the ride to Fujisawa is one time only. See below.

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Re: Enoshima 1 day pass or enoshima/Kamakura pass 2018/12/28 07:28

The 700 yen one sold by JR is a decent deal and very useful for a daytrip. You just have to cover your own fare on the regular JR rail to Ofuna. I would recommend taking the Shonan Monorail down to Enoshima and then ride the Enoden toward Kamakura, stopping at Hase on the way. And then from Kamakura, it's on a 5 minute trip back to Ofuna for transfer back to Shinjuku. If you have a JR pass already then you can already use it to get from Shinjuku to Ofuna. If not, I think it's only 920y each way.

The Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass is cheaper for getting to and from Shinjuku if you don't have a JR pass, but You have to go through Fujisawa, which adds a lot of time from Kamakura. Maybe an extra hour+ on one end of the trip that way. Doing the same trip as above, you'd ride Odakyu rail from Shinjuku to Fujisawa. Then transfer to another line for Enoshimsa. Then ride the same Enoden up to Hase and Kamakura. So far not much different than the above. But now to go home, you have to ride back the way you came. Whereas with the first option you are already almost back to Ofuna.

I also would advise that it is hard to see that much in this area in one day including the trip to/from Tokyo. There simply won't be time to see it all.
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Re: Enoshima 1 day pass or enoshima/Kamakura pass 2018/12/28 07:32
Thank you so much for your responses!
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