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Need a help translating this omikuji 2018/12/29 00:44
I went to Kiyomizu-dera yesterday and got this from the draw. After a little bit of googling, I knew that I got a egood luckf but all the translation app was no help translating it. Any kind soul here willing to help me?

Herefs the pict of the omikuji:

Thank you so much in advance :)
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Re: Need a help translating this omikuji 2019/1/6 15:42
rough translation
1, if your family have any traditional job and you have something special,
you will get something honor and make you better.
if you don't have anything like that, you should try harder and get something good.
2, it is good to worship myojin(a kind of god in Japan).
3, celebration will become better and better.
4, the sick person take long,but he/she get better.
5, the person you are waiting comes late.
6, the thing you lost will appear late.
7, in the competition, you must win.
8, your hope comes true.
9, house moving, house construction, plan of marriage, and so on are perfectly good.
10, trip is good
11, selling and buying are good, you will become better as late as possible.
12, it is anything OK as your job.
13, you will get your baby.

this is all of this omikuji.
omikuji is written in old japanese,so even Japanese,a lot of people can't understand
all of its meaning.omikuji offers general advice.
I'm sorry for late to reply.thank you for coming to Japan,Kyoto.
I'm a high school student,and I am studying English if you can't understand what I wrote
because of my poor English, I'm sorry.
please enjoy! bye!
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