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Cheap language school in Japan 2018/12/29 01:21
hello everyone i want to apply for language school in japan and my budget is limited.i can't afford expensive schools so i need a part time job too,could you please recommending any cheap schools,and give me some advise?i would be grateful
by yukki no hanna  

Re: Cheap language school in Japan 2018/12/31 12:52
In Blink eye,it seems Language schools are cheaper in cost.
But I found Language program in Japanese university is affordable.
Here you will meet with First class education, big Library, Hundreds of foreign students, make friendship with thousands of Japanese students, Lot of club activities, Big Fields for sports. So take this into consideration. I found national or public university's language program is affordable.
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Re: Cheap language school in Japan 2019/1/1 03:44
thanks alot for answering.could you please explain more?i want to go japan for study but i dont know how to apply and i know university it might be very expensive,so if you know the cheap place could you please tell me the name of the place?or do you know how get scholarship?thanks a lot
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Re: Cheap language school in Japan 2019/1/2 03:05
We Love Hiroshima. So you can consider Hiroshima university. BA program cost 535800 yen per year or research cost 356400 yen per year.You can download application form from online.Then print it.or ask university to send application materials to your address. You need two recommendation Letter from your previous teachers and one essay:why you want to study and why you want scholarship. Then university will grant you 100% or 50% Tuition reduction. We buy almost everything from 100 yen you will come Japan with basic things(10 kg is enough).in weekend and holiday you must travel your neighborhood, cost 17240 yen unlimited travel By rail Hiroshima station to campus.
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Re: Cheap language school in Japan 2019/1/8 04:43
I want to clarify 17240 yen:JR Hiroshima to higashi Hiroshima campus unlimited rail pass for 1 month.
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