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Daisetsuzan in May 2018/12/31 01:15
Hi all,

Am planning a trip to Hokkaido in the last week of May next year and wondering if it is a good time to visit Daisetsuzan National Park? It seems that casual hiking is not really possible during this period based on the official website.

As I have two relatively old folks with the group, am thinking if it would be worth the visit at all? Should we ditch the plan altogether, or are there alternative sightseeing options around the base station of the ropeway worth exploring?

Thank you!
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Re: Daisetsuzan in May 2018/12/31 10:56
In late May, some of the easy walks in the lower altitudes become possible depending on the snow conditions, e.g. around the top station of Asahidake Onsen. Also, the short trails around the lower station should be passable. Around Sounkyo, it may be too early for hiking, but there are some nice waterfalls to look at, as well as the general scenery and onsen waters. Apart from the advanced hiking trails in the higher attitudes. most is open. To some, this is worth a trip, to others it may not be interesting enough.

Nearby is also Asahikawa Zoo (you pass by it if driving between Sounkyo and Asahidake Onsen), as well as Biei and Furano:
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