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freelance work in japan working holiday visa 2018/12/31 02:10

I am going to request a working holiday visa for japan. I would love to travel and work in Japan, probably I would pursue freelance projects while there.

Is it allow to do freelance work with the japanese working holiday visa?
Do I need to register in my home country as a freelance or would it that depend on how long I am working as a freelance?

by Eugenia (guest)  

Re: freelance work in japan working holiday visa 2018/12/31 16:29
There is no visa for freelancers. Be very careful what visa you apply for. Some wrong wording regards work. And you'll have a rejection. And then an uphill battle trying for future visas.
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Re: freelance work in japan working holiday visa 2019/1/1 08:49
First place to go for basic information. It references "employment" as in being employed by someone - freelancing may not fit within that definition. But it also seems like you don't need to reference working in Japan anyway.

Work Conditions
 Participants in the working holiday programmes are allowed to engage in employment as an incidental activity of their holidays for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.

 The working holiday participants are strictly prohibited from working at bars, cabarets, nightclubs, gambling establishments and other premises affecting public morals in Japan. If a participant works at such a place, he or she is deemed to violate Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and will face deportation except where he or she is deemed to be victims of human trafficking.

 It is also to be noted that those who are engaged in having the working holiday participants work at these establishments could face criminal charges for promoting illegal work or the buying or selling of persons.
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Re: freelance work in japan working holiday visa 2019/1/2 17:24
Thank you both for your feedback. I will contact the Japan embassy in Spain to double check as it still seems not clear.
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