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Tax payments 2019/1/2 15:45
I am looking to do some online teaching as I have moved to Tokyo. I am on the working holiday visa and I am Australian. The company I wish to work for is based in China. The payments I have decided will go into my Australian bank account as my Japanese bank account will not let money be payed into it from abroad.
My question is how do I pay my tax as an online teacher.
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Re: Tax payments 2019/1/2 17:41
If you are working for a company in Japan, they should be deducting taxes and social security/insurance payments. Also be aware that you are obligated to declare your world wide income once you hit 183 days in Japan and become tax resident, and you might also need to pay tax on your world-wide income in Australia (as you will be tax resident there too). To avoid that, find out if Australia has tie-break rules otherwise you will be paying more than 60% of your income in taxes (guessing around 30% in Aus and 30% in Japan based on a likely income level).
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