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Birthdate in Japan 2019/1/3 12:11
Ohaio guzaimaas people :)
I was born in Japan in year 1997. Lived there for 5 years. And came back to Pakistan. My father come back and forth. My birth date in my national Id in Pakistan got changed due to a mistake. Now its one month before then my actual date of birth date in birth certificate ( Japanese) and passport also.
My question is will there be an issue regarding this change if i apply for visa? Strange to ask, but will they recognize me according to the information in there system through the birth certificate?
Any help would be highly appreciated :)
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Re: Birthdate in Japan 2019/1/3 16:07
That does not sound like a question (or resulting answer) that could or should be answered on a random internet forum. Get some real legal advice you can rely on.
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Re: Birthdate in Japan 2019/1/3 16:09
BTW - it is a Pakistan error - follow up in Pakistan with your government department there - their screw-up, they need to fix it (there, some random internet forum advice).
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Re: Birthdate in Japan 2019/1/4 08:00
Visa might not be a problem because the birth records are with municpal and immigration will not have access to that data

I would however be worried of the discrepancy in passport and birth certificate, if in future you move to country like USA where birth certificate is a very important document, you will face problem
Itfs better to get it fixed if you can right now
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