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Japan Rail Pass on our itinerary 2019/1/5 21:03
Hello, I try to figure out if the JR pass would be worth it for us and if does which one. our itinerary for a month probably would be:
day 1- landing in Tokyo
day 2- Tokyo (day trip to Kamakura)
day 3- Tokyo
day 4- fly to Kagoshima
day 5- Kagoshima and travel to Yakushima (by night ferry)
day 6- Yakushima
day 7- Yakushima
day 8- Yakushima
day 9- travel to kumamoto (through Kagoshima)
day 10- Takachiho
day 11- Takachiho and then to Kumamoto
day 12- Nagasaki
day 13- Hiroshima
day 14- Miyajima
day 15- Osaka
day 16- Osaka
day 17- Koyasan
day 18- Koyasan and kyoto
day 19- Kyoto
day 20- Kyoto (day trip to Himeji)
day 21- Kyoto
day 22- Kyoto (day trip to Nara)
day 23- Kyoto
day 24- Kyoto
day 25- Kyoto
day 26- Kanazawa
day 27- Kanazawa
day 28- Shirakawa-go and Takayama
day 29- Takayama
day 30- Takayama
day 31- Nagoya
day 32- Nagoya (day trip to ise)
day 33- Nagoya (day trip to inuyama)
day 34- Tokyo
day 35- Tokyo (1 or 2 days trip to Nikko)
day 36- Tokyo
day 37- Tokyo

first i though to buy the 21 days pass and activate it on day 12 until the trip to Tokyo, but now i see that it not covering until tokyo.. And I don't want to cuts days..
So what you think would be the best option for this?
(We will travel from 2nd of may to 7th of june-last day in tokyo)
Thank you in advance ^_^
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Re: Japan Rail Pass on our itinerary 2019/1/6 07:57
With very long term itineraries such as yours, often the travel pace is much slower and it is harder to make a rail pass pay off. The first question is if you have tried to use the rail fare calculator to see if anything works for you.
I have doubts that the full country pass would work, though maybe if you rearranged things - such as visiting Himeji on the way to Osaka, or doing it as a day trip from Osaka instead of Kyoto.
You might instead look at a series of regional rail passes to save some money.
The JR Sanyo Sanin Northern Kyushu Pass may be one worth some attention. But you also have to know that there is no rail access to Takachiho - it's take a bus or rent a car. Also for Koyasan, you should look at the World Heritage Ticket (not JR). Same thing for Shirakawago - bus or car.
If you can rearrange things, you might be able to find something that works. If you can't or are unwilling to do so, then that is fine also - you are going to Japan first and foremost to see a lot of great places, not to make a rail pass pay off.
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Re: Japan Rail Pass on our itinerary 2019/1/6 09:23
The only bit that looked remotely worthwhile to me was Kagoshima to Osaka and that only really works because of the the Nagasaki diversion and a bit of other use. Savings would be pretty minimal.
All the other stuff is slower pace and travelling between regions rules out most of the other regional passes.

Remember that as a general guide passes are valuable if you do a lot of travelling in a short time. Your trip is not like that.
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Re: Japan Rail Pass on our itinerary 2019/1/16 18:28
Thank you both! I will look into the regional passes.
I checked the 21 days pass but it's not worth it because the long trip and also because some places accessed only by bus/transparent that not included in JR :/
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