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Should I add multiple guarantor? 2019/1/8 07:57
Hi everyone I am going to apply for extension of my spouse resident status which I have I have a question should I add multiple guarantor as my brother and his Japanese wife and my own husband I mean 3 guarantor to my application:?
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Re: Should I add multiple guarantor? 2019/1/8 10:56
If you mean the standard guarantor that states that he/she will ensure that you will abide by the Japanese/local laws, and that he/she will be responsible for the travel expenses in case you need to Japan, etc., then for "spouse of Japanese national," it should be your Japanese spouse. If they ask for any additional financial guarantor, then you can provide letters by others.
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Re: Should I add multiple guarantor? 2019/1/10 05:09
A Japanese would be given ,a visa to enter the USA to marry an American,if they passed all the immigration criteria, after the marriage to an American you are 100 percent , guaranteed to get US citizenship within 3 years, along with any unmarried children of the Japanese spouse,under 21 years of age
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