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Okinawa University - Graduate Degree 2019/1/8 18:58
I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and was recently in living in Okinawa under a program for Okinawans from abroad. I fell very much in love with my ancestral homeland. In any case, I came across this Masters Program in Okinawa: http://www.okigei.ac.jp/english/gakubu/in-zougei.html

PDMasterfs Degree in Comparative Art Studies
@The curriculum is firmly based on the foundations of comparative research on Japanese, Eastern and Western art studies and art history. It is also founded on historical perspectives that cover the eras of classical through to contemporary art. The masterfs program in comparative art studies aims to cultivate a constructive and critical philosophy of contemporary art through a variety of approaches so that its graduates will be able to adopt a broad perspective towards both regional and international societies.
QDMasterfs Degree in Ethnic Art and Culture
@Okinawa possesses an extraordinary abundance of regional traditions and culture, even when compared with Japan and other Asian regions. The object of this program is to study the unique artistic culture of Okinawa from various viewpoints such as Ryukyuan literature, ethnology, Japanese literature and comparative literature.

I guess my questions to this are, for Masters programs like these. Where does my JPLT/Japanese fluency typically need to be? I'm working on it but nowhere near fluent (though not planning to go on the Masters program within the next two years). What are typical requirements for any graduate schools in Japan? And I can't seem to find tuition information for most of these schools in Okinawa?
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Re: Okinawa University - Graduate Degree 2019/1/9 13:16
You should contact the university directly. Only they can answer these questions accurately.
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Re: Okinawa University - Graduate Degree 2019/1/9 15:11
If you are not a Japanese citizen you can also try to apply for the MEXT scholarship, which would make tuition irrelevant.
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Re: Okinawa University - Graduate Degree 2019/1/9 15:54
Well if they teach in Japanese essentially you need to be fluid in Japanese in all aspects including writing and reading. That is at least JLPT 1, but as jlpt doesnft test your productive language capabilities: speaking and writing , you actually need to learn more/different aspects than gonlyh the JLPT content.

If you have 2 years time, sign up to a professional language school or a language course at a university to get to that level. You didnft say your current level so hard to predict how long it may take.

Maybe itfs not a requirement to show JLPT exam, but rather to pass a university entrance exam. But this question is better asked to the university directly.
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